Shipping is a standard price to all countries in Europe. All orders are sent within one working day. Just to let you know, we ship our product worldwide from the Netherlands; the estimated shipping time can be found in table 1, shipping time, due to the customs policies of different countries. Our product price does not include VAT or import tax for your country/region outside the Europe. 

My country is not on the list

Please get in touch with our customer support if your country is not on the list. There is a reasonable probability that we can add your country to our list.

We ship to the following countries:

Country Shipping time Country Shipping time
Aruba 8-12 days Jersey 2-4 days
Australia 8-12 days Kosovo 6-11 days
Austria 3-4 days Luxembourg 2-3 days
Bahamas 7-11 days Malta 5-8 days
Belgium 2-3 days Marocco 7-10 days
Bonaire 6-14 days Mexico 8-12 days
Brazil 8-13 days Moldova 8-11 days
Bulgaria 6-8 days Monaco 3-5 days
Canada 6-9 days Netherlands 1-2 days
Costa rica 6-10 days New Zeeland 9-13 days
Croatia 5-7 days Norway 5-7 days
Curacao 5-11 days Poland 4-6 days
Cyprus 6-9 days Portugal 5-7 days
Czech Republic 4-5 days Puerto Rico 10-20 days
Denmark 3-6 days Qatar 8-12 days
Ecuador 6-12 days Romania 5-8 days
Egypt 6-11 days Schotland 3-6 days
Finland 6-8 days Serbia 6-8 days
France 2-4 days Slovakia 3-6 days
Germany 2-4 days Spain 5-7 days
Gibraltar 2-4 days ST martin 5-9 days
Greece 7-10 days Suriname 7-20 days
Greenland 5-9 days Sweden 3-4 days
Hungary 4-5 days Switzerland 3-5 days
Iceland 6-9 days Turkey 5-7 days
Ireland 5-9 days United kingdom 5-9 days
Isle of man 3-4 days United states 6-9 days
Italy 4-6 days Wales 3-6 days

Table 1: Shipping time

Worldwide shipping

we ship with the following carriers: