The Kickstarter is succesfull! 

The Ultimate Rectifier is available 

in the webshop from 1-nov-2022


The Ultimate Rectifier is equipped with MOSFET technology; MOSFET technology is a more efficient way to convert AC to DC in a voltage regulator/rectifier. Furthermore, the Ultimate Rectifier is controlled by digital technology by implementing a microcontroller. This microcontroller ensures faster and more accurate switching, resulting in better output voltage stability and efficiency of the voltage regulator/rectifier. 


The goal was to develop a voltage regulator/rectifier that outlasts the vehicle’s expected lifetime. Therefore, The Ultimate Rectifier uses military-grade components, these are designed and tested to operate in extreme low and high temperatures ranges and can resist higher vibrations.


The Ultimate Rectifier is equipped with cutting-edge voltage regulation technology and the most efficient AC-DC conversion method. Therefore, the heat generation of the Ultimate Rectifier is minimized, and by optimizing the housing design, the heat dissipation of the housing is maximized. With these two changes, we have tremendously reduced the overall operating temperature of the Ultimate Rectifier.