About us

Ultimate Rectifier consists of motorheads with an engineering background. Besides developing the Ultimate Rectifier, we have been involved with numerous engineering challenges for different companies. We love technology and motor-driven vehicles. With the Ultimate Rectifier, we have combined both.

When we are networking and talking about our product, most people say, “why engineer a product that can’t fail? That is not a realistic business plan,” but our goal is not to sell as many products as possible. The Ultimate Rectifier is designed to give people fewer problems with their vehicles. We want to give our customers as the most possible driving miles without being hampered by technical issues like a failing voltage regulator/rectifier. A customer is only helped by a product that does what is claimed to be. 

Risks and challenges

In the last few years, we have faced a lot of challenges. We have a market-ready product after many prototypes, testing, and qualifying. The Ultimate Rectifier has been tested on numerous brands and models to verify its functioning. Our first prototype of the Ultimate Rectifier was made three years ago and is still fully operational on one of our own motorcycles.  


As we speak, the world is facing several political and pandemical issues. Therefore, many components are harder to obtain. In order to minimize this risk, the most critical components with the longest lead times have already been ordered. The production of the Ultimate Rectifier is done in our own country, the Netherlands. Taking the production under our own management ensures our high-quality requirements can be achieved.