What is one year warranty? One year means that your country has obligated at least one year of warranty to the manufacturer. In other words, it is the bare minimum. We from Ultimate Rectifier are convinced that this is the best voltage regulator in the world. Therefore, we provide a 3-year warranty for your peace of mind!

Return policy

In some circumstances, it’s possible that the product is not working as expected and that you want to return your product. In the following cases, you can return your product and get a full refund. We can fix the problem at a distance for you in most cases. In all cases, first, contact customer support on service@ultimaterectifier.com

Possible causes that can occur to return the Ultimate Rectifier:

  • Mounting holes are wider/closer apart than the Ultimate Rectifier; please send us an image before returning. We will record it so that this will not happen again to other customers.
  • The connector of my vehicle does not fit the Ultimate Rectifier. Please send us a picture before returning. We include the counterpart of the Ultimate Rectifier in the shipping box. Always use this connector to be sure the connector fitting is correct.
  • The battery voltage reaches a charge voltage higher than 15V, contact support first
  • The charge voltage of the battery is lower than 12.8V; please get in touch with customer support first before returning.
  • Any other technical problem related to the Ultimate Rectifier, please contact customer support first to check if we can solve the issue from a distance for you.